Friday, September 25, 2015

About Our Project: How YOU can help!

Why Thoroughbreds? An unfathomable number of retired races are taken to actions end up at kill barns every year. So many of these horses have hidden talents and are waiting for the right person to dance with, they just need a second chance. We want to give them the second chance they deserve.

How can Braveheart Equestrians help?

We want to provide these horses with a solid foundation. A foundation built on empathy, compassion, love, leadership, and understanding their language. Some of these horses will be coming from the race track, others from the kill barn. We focus on their confidence and giving them coping skills to be successful in their future jobs whether it might be a performance horse, a trail horse or even something simple as one's companion. We will be donating our time in training and body work for these horses. Not only is it important for these horses to develop trust and confidence in people with a solid foundation, we want to make sure their bodies have the best chance after racing for a long healthy future.

Why does our project need sponsors and donations?

Before we are able to inherit a horse for this project, we need to reach our goal of $550 to pay for two months of that horse's board and food. The more money we raise, the more horses we can take in to give a second chance, or, the longer that horse will be able to stay in training before finding their new home.

Where will these horses go after two months with Braveheart Equestrians?

Our goal is to find homes for these horses after educating them with a solid foundation and a sufficient amount of body work. We understand a large group of riders in this region are the adult amateurs and junior/young riders. We want to provide these horses with a level of training that will allow them to be suitable for that market of riders. If they do not find homes within two months of training, they will return to the rescue with a better idea of the horse's potential and a higher chance to find a home with that foundation.

What happens if we don't raise $550?

The fundraiser will continue until we have enough money to bring a horse in. We are praying with the help of the community we can give these horses a second chance.

Why are we donating our time?
We want to pay it forward. Horses have been a huge part of our lives and have given us a purpose and direction, we want to do the same for them. The more horses we are able to help and re home will lead to more room the rescue has to take in new horses that are needing a second chance.

Join our team. Help us get these horses to safety and a chance to find their purpose in this world to find their new families. Every dollar counts and brings a step closer to saving a life.

To donate, visit our Go Fund Me page:

Thank you for those who have already donated, we look forward to sharing the word and getting started in giving these wonderful animals a second chance!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

100 Thoroughbred Project

 "I run really fast, but that's not all I can do. I can touch your heart, I make you better, stronger, I make you fierce. I reach your soul, I can make you fly, but only if you believe in me"

What exactly is the 100 Thoroughbred Project?

Our goal is to touch 100 Thoroughbreds in a year. This includes training, massages, equi-taping, lessons, re-starting, and re-homing. We hope to partner with rescues by donating our time and skills so horses off the track are able to get a solid foundation for a second chance. Our hope is to raise awareness on how awesome these horses can be when given the opportunity!

be apart of the solution

If your rescue is interested or you know someone interested please contact us!